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A few months ago, I asked a group of web deveropers what the new operator does in Javascript. There wasn’t much of a response, but I did eventually figure it out. Sometimes you just have to wade through the specifications. Here’s the outcome of my research: [ECMA Version 3 (1999), section 11.2.2, page 56] The […]

I recently had the opportunity to set up Dan’s Guardian at home. The assumptions of this article are that you have access to a basic Linux or Macintosh computer somewhere, something small and old that you don’t need anymore. The basic idea here is that you’re going to build a passthrough filter and put it […]

Last week, I had an opportunity to revamp one of my other blogs, and I updated it to a full WordPress site with all the bells and whistles. One of the things I wanted to do was include a separate database for my published works, so I could list off what had been published recently […]

I was working today on my storyengine / storykeeper / narrator codebase when I hit a snag. Storyengine converts text to XML and embeds in into a database. Storykeeper is a little rails program that I use to make sure all my keywords and so forth are set up correctly. And narrator is le grand […]

Thanks to an unnamed submitter (whose email bounced when I tried to thank him), ThinkSaber (available only in the subversion version for the moment) now also detects the presence of the Apple Motion Controller chip and will use that device if it’s available through PyGame. Yes, ThinkSaber now works on Linux Macs.

I recently wrote a game, and found it very much like developing a Javascript-based web application. (My wife, who’s a journalist with the video game industry beat, insists “it’s a toy, not a game. There is a difference.” I will defer.) If you’re a web developer who does a lot of Ajax, there is one […]

What he said. More to come.

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