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I am much better at C++ than I recall

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I have C++ on my resume because I wrote it for several clients while I was working at Spry and CompuServe, but it’s neither MicroSoft C++ nor is it particularly up-to-date.  One of the things I did not recall was that Raucous, the RADIUS-to-Oracle interface I wrote many moons ago, was written in C++.  For […]

So, remember my comment about unit testing yesterday?  This is what it looks like today. Here’s the features page: Feature: Login In order to use the system As a customer I want to log in Scenario: Access page Given I am at the login page Then the page title should be “SecretProject” Scenario: Log in […]


MySQL recipe #1

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I’m putting this here because I’m tired of losing it.  I hate having to look up every time the exact same recipe for “how do I create a new empty database for Django or Rails in MySQL?’  It’s in two different sections of the O’Reilly MySQL in a Nutshell book, and while I have both […]

FireWatir is my preferred testing suite for developing web applications.   Watir is a domain-language that describes things you do with a web browser: navigate to this page, find this input field, type in this text, find this button and click on it.  Combinded with a unit testing framework like Ruby’s Unit::Test, and you can write […]

As a web developer, I tend to have a lot of projects just hanging around on my hard drive, waiting for me to pay attention to them. And one of the things that becomes onerous over time, especially if you’re like me and a bit undisciplined about the whole folders, projects, and so on thing […]


Additions to the JFP.

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I have added Restricting a function’s scope to a specific object to the Javascript Framework Phrasebook.

As some of you may have heard, I recently lost my job at Isilon. In that great tradition, I have put up my resume. Have a look, and please comment on the content or presentation of either version: Kenneth M. Sternberg, Senior Web and User Interface Developer and Designer. There’s a copy for printing here.

I’m a big fan of Objective-C, much more than I am of C++. C++ is about adding objects to C without impacting system time, but Objective-C is much more about adding objects to C while reducing programmer time. For reasons that don’t bear much looking into, I needed an ObjC CGI (Common Gateway Interface) class […]

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