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One thing I see a lot of in professional Django is the importation of ugettext, Django’s internationalization library that leverages the GNU gettext project’s toolkit for generating translation catalogs. Laying the groundwork for translation is important to larger projects intended for universal appeal. Because the underscore is a valid leading character in a function name […]

At (and some other sites, but I’ll use as my example), one of the most interesting features is that your username is one of the first-level “commands” you can send to the application: “” is a valid URL, and points to my collection of bookmarks. At the same, there are other first-level commands […]


Always use the proper tool

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Today’s lesson: Always use the proper tool. I wrestled for an hour yesterday trying to the the Gimp to do “text along a curve.” It never quite came out right. The few times I got it close, the text looked awful. This morning I tried a different tool: Inkscape, which is designed to handle vectors […]


A religious discussion of sorts

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I got an email today from one of the super secret stealth start-ups, the one I really wanted, and they told me that they had chosen to go with another candidate. Bummer. At one recent interview, an engineer asked me to “give him the sum of the two highest digits in an integer array. Any […]

Introduction When you roll around the web you see lots of web applications that show off some localized capability to get data from a back-end in a semi-real-time manner. The most famous is the “search suggestion” drop-down that comes off Google or Bing, and those are wonderful, but often the Javascript for the drop down […]


It’s a whole new learning experience!

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Grr.  Okay, so here’s the confession: For the past eight-plus years, I have been working in a sealed greenhouse environment of web development, a veritable Biosphere II of HTML and HTTP.  I’ve been writing a web-based front end for a single product, working with a limited number of graphic designs handed to me by the […]

There’s one piece of advice SEO mavens always give out that always sets my hair on fire.  It’s this: “Always design your web pages with CSS.  No Tables!” This advice is pure, unmitigated bullshit. I just designed a website for a client.  I used CSS for a lot of things.  Surprisingly enough, I used tables […]

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