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The correct call for posting to a user’s facebook wall with Python and pyfacebook, after you’ve established both user authentication via FacebookConnect and gotten stream_publish permission, is: message = render_to_string(template_path, fb_context), action_links = simplejson.dumps( [{‘text’: “Check Us Out!”, ‘href’: “”}]), target_id = ‘nf’) See that ‘nf’ down there in target_id?  It’s not on any […]

One of the nifty things that Django provides is the {% url backreference %} syntax, which allows you to name the targets in your list of URL objects and then refer to them by an explicit name. You can sometimes use the function name instead, and Django has a way of turning the function name back into the […]

For multi-select boxes where you have a list of things you want to filter on, and you want the queryset returned to be an OR’d set. qset = Q(mode__exact=modes[0]) if len(modes) > 1: for mode in modes[1:]: qset = qset | Q(mode__exact=mode) r = Responses.objects.filter(qset) Now, I need to figure out how to do this […]

For reasons I won’t go into, I’ve had to re-activate my “professional” login on my laptop.  In order to distinguish it from the Elf user, which uses Enlightenment, I use Gnome when at the office.  And one thing I absolutely loathe about Metacity, the Gnome window manager, is that when you’re flipping between workspaces, you […]

Want. The link above leads to a 40-card set like the child’s game “Memory,” but with 20 different typefaces. The object, obviously, is to find the two cards in the same typeface. It’s such a brilliant idea, and so charmingly executed, that I can’t wait for it to be commercially available. It reminds me of […]

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