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Ah, the bleeding edge.  It’s a war out there! This morning, Facebook released fbwatir. I’ve just spent the past few hours knocking it around, and have come to the conclusion that it’s pretty mega-borked but it can be saved. In fact, I now have it working with Cucumber and Firewatir. There are several major flaws […]


Off in the weeds again…

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Sigh. I’ve just spent the last few hours wandering around the various “open source” analytics programs trying to find the exact right fit for what I want.  I’m not finding it, which means that (headache ahead) I may have to write something myself.  There’s a django-analytics placeholder in GoogleCode, but it’s empty.  I at least […]

We frequently write little functions that populate the Django context, and sometimes we want that context to be site-wide, and we want every page and every Ajax handler, basically everything that takes a request and spews a response, in our application to have access to that information.  It might the user’s authentication, or his authorization, […]

Today’s little snippet: Filtering a loosely coupled many-to-many relationship.  As revealed earlier,  I don’t really “get” the difficulty with many-to-many relationships.  I don’t even get the difficulty with signals; if you define the many-to-many manually, handling signals on it is trivial compared to trying to do it manually in one of the referring classes. Today, […]


Arrrgh. Now, repeat after me:

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Repeat after me: Registration is not Authentication is not Authorization is not Utilization. Registration is not Authentication is not Authorization is not Utilization. Registration is not Authentication is not Authorization is not Utilization. I’ll keep reminding myself of that until I figure out how to disentangle the four from this damned Facebook app.  Registering to […]


Small but useful Django notions…

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If you’ve created Django Application A, and then Django Application B, it is acceptable (and even sometimes necessary) for Application B to reference Application A.  The canonical example is Django contrib.auth; everyone references that beast.  It is not acceptable for you to go and edit Application A to reference Application B.  That is officially Doin’ […]


CSS Sprites

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It seems like such a stupid thing, but hey, now I know how to use CSS sprites. Basically, it’s the same idea as a viewport slider: treat your rectangular space as a viewport onto a background image. By using the background-position attribute and the .css() control (in jQuery; there are others in other libraries), you […]

I spent a good two hours figuring out how to do this and so I’m gleefully going to share it with you.  Those of you with small monitors (or other strange habits) might have operating system dock (the thing at the bottom or top of the screen that you use to start programs, check the […]


Figlets From Hell

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Anyone who’s ever worked with me knows that I’m inordinately fond of figlet, a program that creates banner letters out of ordinary text.  It works best as an example: # figlet -w 200 -fsmall Here Be Dragons _ _ ___ ___ | || |___ _ _ ___ | _ ) ___ | \ _ _ […]

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