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This is probably a “no-duh” to some people, but I had not known this. When you upload something to the CDN, you get a url that looks like this: Which is all fine and good. Django’s MEDIA_URL is usually suffixed with a closing slash, meaning that if you’re in the habit of typing something […]

I recently implemented a new subsite for IndieFlix using LessCss, the Leaner CSS metaframework. LessCss is a programming language that abstracts CSS out into a hierarchal language, where instead of writing: #header { … } #header img { … } You write: #header { … img { … } } Which, believe me, makes a […]

Sharper FX They do nothing but churches. Black churches, too. Sharper FX is an 11 on the scale of Manliness. Watch some of the Flash splash pages. They’re amazing. I love this site.


The horror of bad website design…

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A friend of mine pointed me to the website of CB Richard Ellis, a real-estate investment and management house with a big footprint here in the Pacific Northwest. Their hiring website is a horror. No, really, go look, unless you’re an epileptic. (Sadly, the effect only seems to be present for Firefox users. Opera, Chrome, […]


Lesson learned…

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A few weeks ago, I installed the latest version of the Gnome Accessibility Toolkit (Gnome-AT), and while I never quite got it to work the way I wanted to, it didn’t seem to be doing any harm.  I figured once I got to the point of showing the client the work we’d talk about accessibility […]

Functional. Elegant. Foolproof. Pick two.

Gwaredd Mountain writes: Microsoft has published empirical data that shows that the process overhead for TDD increases the development effort by 15% – 35%. Despite the many positive benefits from TDD, we cannot possible consider anything that adds an extra 35% effort to produce artefacts the customer will never see as lean. Amazingly, people still […]


WordPress or Joomla? Mutter mutter mutter…

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Wow, talk about a niche market ready for exploitation. I was talking a client today, and my first question to her was the first question I try to get most of my clients to answer: “If you don’t do this, if you don’t spend the money and the time, what’s the worst that could happen?” […]


Rails 3: Django with a funny syntax

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From the announcements for Rails 3: The upcoming version 3 of Ruby on Rails will feature a sexy new querying API from ActiveRecord. Here is an example: User.order(‘ DESC’).limit(20).includes(:items) In other words, Rails is now Django. Also: Each application now has it’s own name space, application is started with YourAppName.boot for example, makes interacting with […]

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