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Git Giggle

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Giggle has become my new best friend.  Giggle is a graphical front-end for Git: you start it in a Git repository and it keeps excellent track of all of your branches, their history, mergings, and so on.  Since one of my big initiatives in my current position has been refactoring an inappropriately large model class […]


Loading a dev database in Django and MySQL

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We all know the drill with MySQL and Django.  You have a dev database, probably compressed, and you need to roll it out so your server’s in a “pristine” state before you start running migrations and adding stuff.  And the routine typically looks something like this: gzip -dc dev_database.gz | mysql -u djanguser -p djangodb. […]


An awesome truth!

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From twitter: has migrated to Django. If you don’t understand this, please register with your local unemployment office.

I recently had to convert a few GIMP palettes into color schemes for a website, and since I’m very fond of LessCSS, I decided to create LessCSS variables and use that as a plug-in to my CSS.   The trick was converting on the fly; GIMP palettes store their variables in decimal, and I like […]

Apress’ Pro Git is a better book than O’Reilly’s Version Control with Git.  The O’Reilly book tries hard to educate you about the repository, but goes off into the weeds with details about history and branch management that overwhelm a user who “just wants to use the damn thing.”  The Apress book has a section […]

In my current development house, we have the painfully obvious “different settings for different stages of the development cycle.”  Production, obviously, isn’t in DEBUG mode so users don’t see the underlying technology when things go awry, and each dev has his own database.   The solution we’ve found is to create separate settings files with […]


Syllogisms for the web development world.

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I have this t-shirt.  It reads: “Knowledge is power.  Power corrupts.  Study Hard.  Be Evil.”  Because if we take those two first popular truisms and put them together, we get a very unpopular conclusion. The truisms of our business are “It’s an attention economy, where revenue is driven by how much attention you can get,” […]

I need to make clear that I did not invent the code below. I’m not sure who did, but the topic of making vi’s “paren bounce” feature work in Emacs came up in a conversation I had the other day, and I’m posting the chunk of code that’s lived in my .emacs file since, oh […]

Metacritic is an interesting website with a pretty stylish layout, but one thing that drives me nuts is the use of Flash for a simple slideshow on the home page. I decided, as an experiment, to try and replace that with one driven by Javascript. The choice of javascript turned out to be simple: I’d […]

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