The sad truths about subscription based sites.

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According to a service that tracks such things, the most popular types of websites people put for which there is a subscription fee include (in order from most to least popular)

  • How to lose weight
  • Health products – Vitamins, minerals, colon blow
  • Starting a home-based business
  • How to make money from your existing business
  • How to market on the Internet
  • How to make money through investments
  • Personal improvement
  • How to turn a hobby into a business
  • How to move to a new state/country
  • How to practice your religion

I’m not sure why, but I find this list incredibly sad. There are so many decent sites out there that give this information away, and most of what’s behind the paywalls is pure bullshit not worth the pixels it’s drawn with.

This just confirms what one commenter said earlier: most people don’t want a well-made website. Well-made websites scare people into thinking there’s trickery, deceit, and too much intelligence behind them for the individual to keep up with. Stupidity sells.

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Frankvan Wensveen

June 9th, 2010 at 8:23 am

Speaking of well-made websites… Do you know of any good online guides to designing for proper mobile compliance these days? Most of what I’ve found so far either assumes that all the world’s an iPhone, or it is obsolete and deals mostly with WAP.

Suggestions anyone?

Elf Sternberg

June 14th, 2010 at 9:14 am

I wish I could make a recommendation, but I really can’t think of many. Smashing has had a few, but I think there’s no such thing as “proper mobile compliance.” Either you’re targeting a phone, with its sub-300 screen, or you’re targetting one of the new mini-pads (Android, WebOS, iPhone), or working your way up to tablet/pad sizes– which are basically full-fledged web browser sized objects using a touch interface (no hover, “ontouch”, etc.).

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