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REST is not SOA is not JSON

Posted by Elf Sternberg as chat, programming

The other day I received an interview offer from a recruiter, who forwarded me the usual list of requirements.  The fifth line of the required skills irked me: – Knowledge of SOA (REST, JSON, etc.) Let’s start with the fundamentals. JSON is a protocol of data exchange. You can do data exchange in just about […]


New Project: Fridgemagnets poetry!

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I love poetry magnets, those silly little tiles with words on them that end up scattered across your refrigerator door.  You kids play with ’em and eventually start to make strange, esoteric-sounding phrases that might be poems.  So I was pleased to see that PlusGood, one of my favorite design houses, had written TwitterMagnets, a […]


Boarding the “Anti-if” bus

Posted by Elf Sternberg as chat, programming

The “Anti-If” campaign seeks to educate programmers about the dangers of the if statement, which seems on its face to be absurd.  How can your program actually do anything without being able to make decisions about the data? The focus of the Anti-If folks seems to be Java: there’s a lot of talk in the […]


Coffeescript deconstruction of arrays

Posted by Elf Sternberg as javascript

Most people who’ve been using Coffeescript for the past year are probably aware by now of argument deconstruction for objects.  This is a nifty feature of Coffeescript that lets us take this: myfunc = (options) -> @foo = @bar = … And instead say this: myfunc = ({@foo, @bar}) -> … In both […]


Fridgemagnets 0.4

Posted by Elf Sternberg as javascript

Following hot on the release of Right Now!, I’ve now finished the first draft of the Fridgemagnets client.  This is a very (very!) rough draft with significant performance problems, especially under Firefox, a lack of rotational filters under IE, and is missing some major features: The ability to tweet your poem, the ability to reshuffle […]


Right Now 0.5

Posted by Elf Sternberg as javascript, jquery, programming

I’m really itching to get to one of two other projects currently in my personal queue, code-named Ptah or Magnets (you’ll see what they are eventually), but bug reports for Right Now have been coming in fairly quickly, and there have been some quite obvious problems in the code.  The whole “release early, release often” and “your users […]

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