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I recently had a problem where I wanted to store in a MySQL data store a series. (I’m re-writing Narrator, my story engine.) While testing out the import, I realized that I wanted to be able to look up the author on the fly, using the authorname rather than the author ID. I also wanted […]



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A couple of weeks ago, I read an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled Two Lists You Should Look At Every Morning. The first is the usual priority list: everything you care about, that you want to spend your attention span on.  The other, even more important list, is everything you will ignore: everything […]

In my previous post, I described a simple routine for using grunt, mocha, and zombie to unit test HTML and Javascript web applications, even those written with abstractions like Coffeescript, Less, or HAML, with a certain degree of verisimilitude. The key elements were (a) use grunt to build the various components, then (b) use grunt […]

If you ever want to start unit testing your project, here’s a straightforward framework for doing so.  First, create a simple Mocha unit test to access your home page. I’m going to use mocha, chai, and zombie. Note that I’m embedding– sorry about this– the target URL, but the location for it will be localhost […]

I really don’t get grunt. What does it do that Makefile doesn’t? As far as I can tell, it does it’s thing in Javascript, which means that programmers don’t have to learn Make’s baroque syntax to get things done, but that also means that it has its own problems with respect to sources, targets, and […]


The DOM as State Repository

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Ingo Schramm, jumping further into the wrangling over whether or not we should move past jQuery into architectures of things like Backbone or Dojo, proposes that we accept that all of this is about state: the state of the page, the state of the session.  In his post, MVC, MOVE – Or Simply A State Machine?, […]

Have you ever checked out jQuery from GitHub? I recommend that you do so.  Most of us, when exposed to jQuery, find ourselves with a 130KB mass of text or, worse, a minified, unreadable blob of text.  We have no idea what’s going on within jQuery itself.  So today, in a fit of pique (I […]

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