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The Best Firing I’ve Ever Experienced

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Paul Petrone writes What it’s like to watch the worst firing ever, and in it he describes a process by which a boss, in the process of announcing forthcoming layoffs, does something pretty horrible. You ought to read it. I can’t do one better, but I can describe the most dramatic firing I’ve ever seen. […]

Open office plans has been a subject of significant controversy recently, with everyone and his brother pointing out that the quiet craft of software development clashes horribly with the loud, communal, extroverted environment of open office plans. So the question then becomes: who benefits from this arrangement? Psychopaths. Venkatesh Roy has this thesis– he calls […]


Serendipity: Another out-of-band win.

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While at the genetic engineering gig, I was regularly scouted for positions elsewhere. I didn’t want to leave: the pay was terrible, but the freedom and professional satisfaction was immense. But really, I had teenagers and Omaha has her epilepsy, so we needed insurance more than I needed professional satisfaction. If Obamacare had been a […]


Serendipity 2009: Keep learning!

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I eventually tired of working at the video streaming service. It wasn’t paying very well at all, and the challenge of bootstrapping a video streaming website soon gave way to the tedium of maintaining a media-centered CMS with a customized catalog. Weekly specials, micro-sites for film festivals, director’s specials, interviews, events and new releases were […]

I was at Isilon for eight years. In some sense, that was three years too long; I stayed because the handcuffs were golden and the work had long become routine. Isilon had grown explosively; I was now third-longest veteran, and was still writing web apps for new extensions to the Isilon product line. I wasn’t […]

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