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Interview Question

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I won’t reveal where or when I got this question, but it always amused me. ¬†At the time, I answered it using Underscore and Coffeescript, which the interviewers allowed I was going to have access to… but here’s a pure ES6 solution. The problem, simply stated, was “write a function that sums two polynomial equations […]


Lisp In Small Pieces, Chapter 5: The Storage Story

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One other thing about Lisp in Small Pieces chapter 5 jumps out at me: the storage story. In the interpreter written for Chapter 5, some things are cons lists (most notably, the expression object you pass into the interpreter), and some things are lists, but they’re not built with car/cdr/cons. In chapter 3, we built […]


Lisp In Small Pieces, Chapter 5.

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I lied when I said I’d completed Chapter 5 of Lisp In Small Pieces. I went back and re-read it, and realized that I was going to have to do the exercises in the chapter if I wanted to understand what was going on well enough to get through chapter 6. Chapter 5 wasn’t nearly […]


Using SplunkJS with SimpleXML Panels

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Introduction Splunk’s SimpleXML is an XML file format to describe a custom dashboard with searches, inputs and panels. There are a number of fantastic resources for building them, but I recently encountered an interesting problem. That link also discusses SplunkJS, a Javascript library that allows users to customize searches and visualizations far beyond what SimpleXML […]

Dear Gods, I’m not even sure why I should even bother, but the C++ experiments I’ve conducted recently were so much fun I’ve decided to put TOXIC (Terabytes of XML, Indexed and Compressed) and Twilight (A basic GraphDB with local indexing and aggressive caching, using RDF triples as index keys) back into my projects list. […]

Recently, while I was at Beer && Coding, one of the others came in with a problem that they’d been given by a potential employer. They’d hoped that we’d be able to help finish it. Nobody did in the time allotted, but I got pretty far with my Scheme version. However, Scheme wasn’t in the […]

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