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Making any language loadable in Python

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I may have inadvertently contributed to the Coffeescriptification of Python. And in doing so, I have learned way too much about Python internals. Coffeescript probably wasn’t the first programming language that transpiled to Javascript, but it was the first that caught on. Coffeescript and all its successors, like Clojurescript, Gorilla, and Earl Grey, exist because […]

There have always been attitudes that I don’t understand. James Hague’s recent Death of a Language Dilettante is one of them. Now, most people know that I’m a language dilettante; that I love everything new and shiny coming out of the programming language space, even if it does seem that in some ways that space […]

There’s a comment I get from my peers from time to time that boils down to: “Your code is tight and expressive, and the names are well-chosen, but it’s ugly and it makes reviewers uncomfortable.” And that’s when I realized that functional programming, by its very nature, causes us to write visually unattractive code. The […]


Analysis Paralysis

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There was an article highlighted in a variety of nerdy news sites called “I’m A Good Engineer But I Suck At Building Stuff,” and while I was reading it, I felt the writer Lionel Barrow’s pain. Because I’m a better engineer, but I still suck at building (some) stuff. When Barrow writes: “I find myself […]

While I can’t comment too strongly on the performance aspects of this article on Green Thread performance, there’s a paragraph at the beginning that caught my attention: If one looks closely enough at green threads, such as Go’s ‘go’ statement, it’s not hard to realise that they are really a flow control mechanism similar to […]


Javascript Misunderstandings

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In a recent post, Zisis Maras recently talked about some interesting work with overriding the prototypes for Storage/localStorage to provide key/value space for different sessions running in the same browser. For the longest time, the advice was “Don’t ever overrride the native functions or methods,” but a lot of people seem to be ignoring that […]

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