You may have noticed a few changes in the place. I've gone to an all-static engine. I chose Zola, because although it wasn't sufficient for what I wanted out of my story site, it's perfectly fine here.

In fact, I plan on revising the story site in the same way. For too long, both sites have had a number of weaknesses. The font was too small, and the design was too old. It was "fine," but I really wanted something that was more in keeping with my modern production workflow. Right now, every time I make a post on the website what I really do is write it out in markdown, convert it to the quasi-html that Wordpress uses with pandoc, running it through a filter that creates the non-standard paragraph breaks Wordpress used, and copying everything to the clipboard so that it can be pasted directly.

And, frankly, I loathe Wordpress. It's big, it's clunky, it does far too much more than I wanted, and it notoriously presents a massive attack surface to any script kiddie who wants to break into it.

Static sites suffer from none of those problems. Of course, I had to get rid of the comments section, so if you want to respond to anything I write you'll probably have to tweet it at me, @elfsternberg, and maybe I'll get around to responding.

But this does mean that I now have the sort of website I want. One that does what I ask of it. And one that gives me the workspaces to do more, and showcase more, of what I do and what I am.

The design of this site, I want to emphasize, is not mine. It's typology by Meks, for which I paid the licensing fee and then proceeded to slice and dice mercilessly in order to port it from Wordpress to Zola. It's a gorgeous theme, and my port has some significant problems, so this is definitely a beta version of that site. I chose a unique color and made some font changes, and threw out a lot of the Javascript I wasn't using, but that's the way of gnarly web developers like myself.