There are moments when the lightbulb goes off in your head with the power of a thousand white-hot suns.  For me, it happened while I was reading the Wordpress Database Schema back to back with Henri Bergius's highly influentials (well, it was a Hell of an influence on me, at any rate) Decoupling Content Management.

Take a close look at the Wordpress Database Schema diagram and tell me what's... off... about it.  It should leap right out at you.  Absolutely everything in the Wordpress Database Schema is related-- posts, users, and comments are all interrelated to one another.  And off in the lower right-hand corner, there's Options, all by itself, unrelated to anything else.

And then I realized: Everything on that page is about the content.  It describes the Content Layer.  Except Options.  Options isn't about the Content at all.  Options in Wordpress controls a completely independent program hiding inside Wordpress: The Presentation Layer.  Actually, Options is a grab-bag of controls over everything: settings for the authentication layer, settings for the presentation layer, settings for the administration layer, settings for presenting the administration editor, etc., etc.  The one thing Options does absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, for, is the Content layer.


Maybe French Press is the next project after all.