The website Elect Tina Orwall runs Wordpress 2 on a Gentoo Hardened Linux server running Apache 2 and MySQL 5. The client was given a copy of Wordpress 2: Visual Quick Start, which I consider pretty much the only book a client should need to make their site work. If she needs more, you're doing it wrong.

Tina's Wordpress theme is a well-worked-over mashup of Dagon's Atmosphere Theme with the WP Default theme. I restructured the index, page, archive, and single pages for left-column semantics, and replaced the CSS with Boilerplate CSS as a starting point, then hand-coded the rest to fit my needs.

Tina's logo was designed by Lori Wardian, and I incorporated it into the banner design using The GIMP. All text and code editing was done using Emacs.

Page content was supplied by Friends of Tina Orwall.