A couple of weeks ago, I read an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled Two Lists You Should Look At Every Morning. The first is the usual priority list: everything you care about, that you want to spend your attention span on.  The other, even more important list, is everything you will ignore: everything that distracts you, saps your time, that takes you away from your achievements.  To make a list of everything you do that, ultimately, doesn't make you happy.

It was a solid idea, and I thought it would make  a good variation on RightNow!, my last "priority manager" that keeps list of everything you care about.  Like RightNow, Priority/Ignore uses your browser's localstore to store its data: nothing is stored here, or anywhere else, and every browser will have its own local store.   If you use more than one browser, this may present a problem, but most people have one browser per device, and these lists shouldn't be that long.

It also let me study gruntJS, requireJS, bootstrap, and recess.  I've been using requireJS at Spiral Genetics, but the gruntfile was new (the jQuery team has been using it), and I wanted to learn Mocha and Zombie.  So far, so good; everything seems to be working well, and it's pretty.  The source code is on github.

Anyway, have fun: