"I really should commit to [project]. I'm just afraid of it becoming popular." https://t.co/4slPt1eO2H

— Garrett Wollman (@garrett_wollman) August 11, 2016

This feels like something that deserves clarification. It's not that I fear any and all of my projects becoming popular. I would love for some of them to become very popular. Polyloader would be awesome, as would Tumble. But I draw a distinction between tools, products, and examples. Catalogia is a product, and I don't want to be tech support. There's a huge difference between getting something right, and teaching the average user about the cupholder that came with his desktop machine. Tumble and Polyloader are tools: I want them to reach the widest possible audience and make that audience, my fellow developers, smarter and happier and more effective. The Backbone Store is an example, but examples are just examples. If they're inadequate to the state of the art, it's my duty to revise or remove them, or at least comment on their deprecation, but I'm not going to help individual users understand what's going on.