Here's what annoys me most about Satchmo: it wasn't written by Django developers.  Or, at the very least, it wasn't written by Django developers who had ever bothered to read Jacobian's Django in the Real World.

I was trying today to customize the view of the Satchmo store as provided by the program.  I discovered, to my frustration, that while most of the store is (rightly) kept under the /templates/store path, the "buy a product" page is kept under /templates/product. Why? This is a little bit like saying that the shelf on which a product is stored is part of the product!

It's also the case that depends on satchmo.payment -- and satchmo.payment depends on!  Is it too much to ask that these dependencies be factored out into a common base upon which both libraries depend, rather than creating this circular (and untenable) dependency graph?

Satchmo calls itself "the webstore for perfectionists with deadlines," but it's bondage to its own architecture is a tragic exercise in frustraction.