I resolved, earlier this year, to start finishing some of my projects.  That hasn't gone too well-- the day jobbe appears to have chewed up most of my time.  But after my Palm V died, I no longer had a chiming program to help me get into the rhythm of the day.  I've since replaced it on my Palm T|X, but I've wanted something that I could feed through my headphones, rather than rely on the Palm, which chimes loud enough the whole house or office can hear it.

So, my first foray into times and chimes is done.  I used some free bamboo photoshop brushes, and jQuery, but the HTML, CSS, graphics, layout and so forth is all mine.  The script is 100% HTML5, there's a lot of CSS3, and it uses HTML5 native audio, so this thing doesn't work at all on IE (unless you're running IE9; I don't know what the capabilities of IE9 are yet).  Basically it works on latest & greatest: Chrome, Safari 3, Firefox 3.6 (maybe 3.5?) and so forth.  The whole project took approximately 10 hours of development time.

Nine Amazing Hours

Critiques, comments, suggestions are all welcome.  The functionality is what I want it to be; if you want a full-fledged meditation timer well, maybe I'll do that next.

And one beg: The idea behind these projects is to learn how to, as my design teachers put it, "design, develop, market and maintain a project."  I have no idea how to market something like this.  How would I go about telling people about it?