I was cleaning up my Github repositories and trying to remove some things that aren't relevant or are somewhat embarrassing. One of them is the "programming_rust" repository, which I made while I was going through the book but no longer need. (Technically, I didn't need one but for the fact that I have a laptop and a desktop and like to use both and different times.) I do want to keep the Buddhabrot generator, but I also want to upgrade it a bit to Rust 1.37.

So imagine my horror when I discovered that it throws all kinds of overflow errors. I think there's some weakness in my thinking here, something I did incorrectly and that's why I'm getting these exception and backtraces.

I started to decompose the program with better organization and separation of concerns. That's all of my status right now, as my day was derailed by good news: I got a job! I can't reveal too many details yet, but I'll let you all know on September 9th what the work entails. I spent most of yesterday running around getting ready for the job, upgrading the office-based toolset that I use to commute and stay productive. I'm now drooling over a lovely electric bicycle that, unfortunately, will take two weeks to ship here. I spent my afternoon shopping for a power supply for my laptop and telling all the helpful recruiters thanks but I'm working.

Any evening work was derailed by a family member getting food poisoning bad enough that a run to the emergency room was merited. While they were sedated I managed to run through a couple iterations of the Buddhabrot command line handler, but wasn't happy with any of them. Try again tomorrow.