I have to say that I'm really disappointed with .net magazine this month. .Net is a popular magazine for web designer and developers, and frequently has great articles and tutorials. For someone in my class of developer it's not always that useful, but there's always one or two tutorials worth perusing-- and reading the tutorials is what I buy it for.

I don't do much with Cold Fusion, Flash, and obviously a beginners' article on Coffeescript just isn't going to impress me, so those tutorials were out. On the other hand, the central article was on responsive design, and a badge graphically associated with the "responsive design" part of the cover art promised "16 pages of how-to guides and advice!"

Which there wasn't. Other than one article on using Drupal's server-side client detection facility (Drupal? Server-side user agent detection? I mean, really?), there wasn't anything in this issue that really corresponded as actionable advice.

If you want a real looksee at responsive design, Ethan Marcotte's original article is where you start, Smashing Magazine has a decent article, and once you understand the basics, DesignModo's 50 Examples is definitely where you see how the rubber meets the road.

Maybe I'm just done reading magazines.