A friend of mine pointed me to the website of CB Richard Ellis, a real-estate investment and management house with a big footprint here in the Pacific Northwest.

Their hiring website is a horror. No, really, go look, unless you're an epileptic. (Sadly, the effect only seems to be present for Firefox users. Opera, Chrome, and IE6 didn't show the evil.) Then go read The Federal Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards, better known as "Section 508", and document how they're out of compliance. (Hint: Section 1194.21k).

I fully believe it's possible to design very attractive websites that don't violate Sec508. CBRE has failed on a galactic scale with this abomination.

If you're not a Firefox user, here's the horror: Every input button has this added to its CSS: text-decoration:blink;.

Yes, that's right. Every input button is set to "blink." I don't know what's worse: that the people who wrote their site thought that was cute, or that Firefox honors it.