I'm a big fan of Objective-C, much more than I am of C++. C++ is about adding objects to C without impacting system time, but Objective-C is much more about adding objects to C while reducing programmer time.

For reasons that don't bear much looking into, I needed an ObjC CGI (Common Gateway Interface) class the other day. I googled for one, naturally, and nothing at all came up. I looked high and low. I looked far and wide. I consulted other search engines and other toolkits. No love. Most of the conversation I found about the topic was "Just use an application server. There are three of them, you know: WebObjects, GnustepWeb, and SOPE." But an application server is far too heavy for what I wanted to do. I needed something simple and straightforward. I needed a CGI.

Then, in a lonely and cobweb-ridden corner of the internet, I found one, called "CGI-O." As I looked through the source, I had a strange sensation. A funny case of deja-vu. And then I stumbled across this:

/* Is there a better way to write this? Elf? */

I had written this thing. Twelve years ago. It hadn't been touched in all that time.

Sigh. Something else for the project pile: clean it up and put it into the repository. Someday.