This is just going to be random.  Don't expect it to make sense.

The obvious next steps in my Scheme are: Strings. A Common Lisp 22.1.1  compliant hand-written parser, as a prologue to re-writing it in Scheme, where the record objects used in Coglan's version are replaced with cons list of the various fields being collected.

Macros.  And that's where my brain comes a screeching halt.  Because "macros" seem to imply a certain purity of lispyness.  How do I make a Lisp macro engine that successfully handles, and yet successfully ignores, all of the extra stuff after the content?

Maybe I _don't.  _Maybe I just write it so that it accepts all that, and more, because ultimately I want to add a deterministic more to the list to carry typing information.

Grief, I have no idea at this point.  I just know what I want it to be able to do next.