So, remember my comment about unit testing yesterday?  This is what it looks like today. Here's the features page:

Feature: Login
  In order to use the system
  As a customer
  I want to log in

  Scenario: Access page
    Given I am at the login page
    Then the page title should be "SecretProject"

  Scenario: Log in
    When I log in as "username" password "redacted"
    Then the page title should be "SecretProject - Project List"

And here's the steps:

Given 'I am at the login page' do
  @browser.goto @options[:address]

Then /the page title should be "(.*)"/ do |title|
  @browser.title.should == title

When /^I log in as "([^\"]*)" password "([^\"]*)"$/ do |arg1, arg2|
  @browser.text_field(:name, 'username').set(arg1)
  @browser.text_field(:name, 'password').set(arg2)
  @browser.button(:xpath, "//input[@value='Login']").click

While I'm not entirely sold on the COBOL-esque nature of the unit tests, I respect the way cucumber makes you think about what you're doing and generate scenarios and codify the steps to fulfilling those scenarios, all the while working well within the context of things like WATIR, Matchy, and so forth.