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I got a call last night from a recruiter who was looking for “A front end guy: Javascript, HTML, CSS.  But the real kicker is they need someone with experience in Backbone.  Do you know anyone with that?” I said, “Sure. Me.” I told him about the tutorials I had written for Backbone, the current […]


I should stop reading magazines.

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I have to say that I’m really disappointed with .net magazine this month. .Net is a popular magazine for web designer and developers, and frequently has great articles and tutorials. For someone in my class of developer it’s not always that useful, but there’s always one or two tutorials worth perusing– and reading the tutorials […]

It’s no secret that I’m a Backbone.js fan, along with everything else. One of my other preferences is for Backbone-Relational, a nifty hack on top of Backbone that allows you to create, manage, and maintain simple relationships between objects. If you have a CouchDB or other JSON-oriented database, and you want to manipulate a record […]

Introduction To Version 2.0 When I wrote the original Backbone Store, I didn’t have a clear understanding of how Backbone worked.  I wrote it to teach myself Backbone, after all.  Since then, I’ve come to understand that there is some Javascript about which I didn’t have the world’s clearest understanding.  This version of the store clears […]

So, this afternoon, I spent about four hours and played around with Raphael, the SVG library for HTML 5, and the native Canvas renderer.  Originally, I was only going to go with Raphael, until someone pointed out to me that Raphael doesn’t work on Android phones.    Since my apps have to work on Android […]

Ever have the problem where you want to fade out a whole collection of stuff, and then show only one? A naive implementation looks like this: $(‘.options .option’).fadeOut(‘fast’, function() { $(‘.options .option:eq(4)’).fadeIn(‘fast’)}); If you have five options, however, the callback gets called five times. Now, this is okay in the current example: fadeIn is idempotent, […]


Backbone Store v 0.2 released

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The last version of the Backbone Store was pretty sloppy. I’ve cleaned it up, with some serious revisions to both the code and the commentary, and you’re welcome to look it over. As always, it’s available from my Github.

Note: This tutorial is out of date! There are now two updates: A Javascript, HTML, and CSS Version, and a Coffeescript, HAML, and Stylus Version. Introduction I’ve been playing with Backbone.js, a small but nifty Javascript library that provides a small Model-View-Controller framework where Models can generate events that trigger View changes, and vice versa, […]


Props to the Digg developers…

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I was looking at the Digg source code the other day and, I’ve gotta say, mega-props to the developer of their javascript. The traditional rule in web development has become, “Put your Javascript at the end of your page.”  That way, all of the DOM objects you might refer to are guaranteed to be present […]

Metacritic is an interesting website with a pretty stylish layout, but one thing that drives me nuts is the use of Flash for a simple slideshow on the home page. I decided, as an experiment, to try and replace that with one driven by Javascript. The choice of javascript turned out to be simple: I’d […]

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