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I bought a new laptop recently, a Lenovo Yoga.  It’s the top-of-the line current generation: 13.3″ touchscreen, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, quad-core Intel i7 CPU.  Buying it was a fun moment: after shopping around the various retailers, I discovered that the cheapest ones available were from The Microsoft Store.  So I drove over there, walked […]

I have a bad habit.  I leave the music playing on my desktop all the time.  My wife shares the office, and she’s a professional podcaster, so this habit does not please her in the least.  Fortunately, I have found a technological solution. This solution is for Linux and Audacity.  You may be able to […]

This weekend I hit a sale at Fry’s and picked up a Buffalo Linkstation Duo, which has a pair of 2TB mirrored disks installed.  Since it talks only CIFS and AFP, I had to communicate with it via CIFS from one Linux box to, well, the Buffalo is also a Linux box.  I permanently put […]

If you’re one of those early adopters of LessCss, then you probably know by now that development of the original Ruby version has been abandoned in favor of a version that runs under Node.js. I’m a big fan of LessCss; both the nested definitions and parametric definitions make my life a whole lot easier. I […]


Linux, Flash 10, and saving Flash files

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It used to be possible for Linux users to find and save the movie file from a Flash download with earlier versions of the Flash plug-in.  Flash put the file in the /tmp directory and if you were quick you  could copy it elsewhere.  If you had a plethora of Flash files, you could often […]


Stupid Gawk Trick

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This morning, for no reason that I’d care to discuss in public, I needed to rename every file in a directory to the index number of its position in the directory in asciibetical order, and add an extension. The harmless version of this was: ls | gawk ‘BEGIN { c = 0; } c += […]

I’ve been helping a close friend with her website, which is written in rails. She admits that’s a mistake, now, because it shares database tables with a PHP application, and the communication between the two has always less than stellar. I’ve been looking into her current major problem, but while I’ve been at it, I’ve […]

As some of you may have heard, I recently lost my job at Isilon. In that great tradition, I have put up my resume. Have a look, and please comment on the content or presentation of either version: Kenneth M. Sternberg, Senior Web and User Interface Developer and Designer. There’s a copy for printing here.

I recently had the opportunity to set up Dan’s Guardian at home. The assumptions of this article are that you have access to a basic Linux or Macintosh computer somewhere, something small and old that you don’t need anymore. The basic idea here is that you’re going to build a passthrough filter and put it […]

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