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I spent much of the first day of my sabbatical at Go Northwest, a conference sponsored by my previous employer, and one for which I already had tickets. It was somewhat informative, although I learned more about JSON Web Tokens and Macaroons (thank you, Tess Rinearson) than I did anything at all about Go, the […]


Analysis Paralysis

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There was an article highlighted in a variety of nerdy news sites called “I’m A Good Engineer But I Suck At Building Stuff,” and while I was reading it, I felt the writer Lionel Barrow’s pain. Because I’m a better engineer, but I still suck at building (some) stuff. When Barrow writes: “I find myself […]

Programmer Zef Hemel recently made a confession, aptly titled I Hate Puzzles. In it, he confesses to a deep loathing for the recruitment come-ons that read “Do you love puzzles?” and even more for recruitment ads that are puzzles. He says, eventually, that he and his wife agreed they don’t understand why people do puzzles. […]


Project Blockage

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I have a project I swore I was going to finish, dammit, before starting on a new one.  I try to execute on several different small projects every day, along with my professional responsibilities, but the rules have always been: one writing project, one art project, one software project.  Since I’m the father of two […]


Linux, Flash 10, and saving Flash files

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It used to be possible for Linux users to find and save the movie file from a Flash download with earlier versions of the Flash plug-in.  Flash put the file in the /tmp directory and if you were quick you  could copy it elsewhere.  If you had a plethora of Flash files, you could often […]


Blatantly looking for work…

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Okay, since I’ve had the heart-to-heart with the boss, I should ask y’all for the same understanding: I’m looking for work again.  I love working where I am now, the absolute freedom, the responsibility for the entire working stack from the OS up to the CSS/JS/HTML deployment layer, but right now this is an underfunded […]



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Last night at the Django meetup, we also talked about unit testing.  Someone mentioned continuous integration, and we all discussed our favorites.  At one point, the fellow at whose offices we were holding the meeting mentioned that his team used Hudson and pulled up an example on the overhead projector.  I mentioned that Hudson was […]


Syllogisms for the web development world.

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I have this t-shirt.  It reads: “Knowledge is power.  Power corrupts.  Study Hard.  Be Evil.”  Because if we take those two first popular truisms and put them together, we get a very unpopular conclusion. The truisms of our business are “It’s an attention economy, where revenue is driven by how much attention you can get,” […]

Do you have that one thing that you have to constantly look up? In python, to replace elements of a string, there are two operators.  One is a strictly linear search, the other uses regular expressions.  The regexp call to replace part of a string with another string is sub, and the string call to […]

As some of you may have heard, I recently lost my job at Isilon. In that great tradition, I have put up my resume. Have a look, and please comment on the content or presentation of either version: Kenneth M. Sternberg, Senior Web and User Interface Developer and Designer. There’s a copy for printing here.

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