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Is Agile compatible with Clean Code?

Posted by Elf Sternberg as Design, programming

I’ve been through Agile training several times before at different jobs, and the current job is no different. June is Agile Training Month, and since I started last September I’m obliged to go through this again. Previously, we had a Clean Code Training period that lasted two months, and I realized today why I’m having […]


Review: Clean Code, by Robert Martin

Posted by Elf Sternberg as programming

It might seem like I’ve been harsh on Robert Martin’s Clean Code for the past couple of posts, and that’s valid. I have been. It’s such a good book, full of strong advice on any number of topics. It’s just that it feels old. Programming is a young discipline in the world, probably one of […]

In some programming languages there is an essential, powerful tension between two common pieces of advice: Don’t Repeat Yourself and Meaningful Names over Code Comments. Both are really good pieces of advice. “Don’t Repeat Yourself” (DRY) means that if you can find an abstraction that allows you to avoid repetition in your code, you can […]

Lab notes for the first two weeks of January. I’ve been fiddling with a branch of the PamSeam project named Lattice in an effort to streamline the base and speed up the runtime. There are three algorithms enabled and all of them have similar processes. The basic engine is also very slow, with lots of […]

I had an insight the other day, while working with one of the younger colleagues at work, about why I come up with answers and write code so much faster than he does. It’s not that he’s not as smart or as talented as I am, it’s that we look at programming problems in a […]

I’ve been reading Gerald Weinberg’s "The Psychology of Computer Programming," written in 1971 (!), which is considered something of a classic. It’s written as a textbook and meant to be used in a higher-level programming course for both programmers and their managers. Chapter one has some interesting passages. First, there are the potential HR violations. […]

I have hit a snag in my project. This entry is me thinking about solutions. My goal was a reasonable one: write a recursive regular expression engine in Rust using Brzozowski Derivatives algorithm for calculating truth values using Might’s algorithm for recursion using Adam’s algorithms for optimal performance using Semiring Parsing Theory to categorically "lift" […]

So, I’m mad about this. The original paper about an implmentation of Brozozowski’s Parsing Algorithm is Matt Might’s Parsing With Derivatives: A Functional Pearl. For three weeks I’ve been hung up an a problem with the implementation that wasn’t making any sense to me, and when I realized my mistake it came down to this […]

I’ve made some excellent progress on the Barre project. Along the way, I discovered that implementing a theoretical CS paper has some annoying difficulties, the worst of which is figuring out a translation table for the different notations used by different researchers in the given field. In describing my progress on Barre, and implementing Brzozowski’s […]


Notes on using the Rust image library

Posted by Elf Sternberg as programming, Rust

I have finally figured out how to use the images library for Rust, and it’s not obvious, especially not for internally generated images. The library does a very good job of hiding complicated implementation details when you load a file off the disk, automatically figuring out the file format and providing some baseline utilities. Zbigniew […]

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