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Lab notes for the first two weeks of January. I’ve been fiddling with a branch of the PamSeam project named Lattice in an effort to streamline the base and speed up the runtime. There are three algorithms enabled and all of them have similar processes. The basic engine is also very slow, with lots of […]

I have hit a snag in my project. This entry is me thinking about solutions. My goal was a reasonable one: write a recursive regular expression engine in Rust using Brzozowski Derivatives algorithm for calculating truth values using Might’s algorithm for recursion using Adam’s algorithms for optimal performance using Semiring Parsing Theory to categorically "lift" […]

In the last post on “A Play on Regular Expressions,” I showed how we go from a boolean regular expression to a “rigged” one; one that uses an arbitrary data structure to extract data from the process of recognizing regular expressions. The data structure must conform to a set of mathematical laws (the semiring laws), […]

I’ve made some excellent progress on the Barre project. Along the way, I discovered that implementing a theoretical CS paper has some annoying difficulties, the worst of which is figuring out a translation table for the different notations used by different researchers in the given field. In describing my progress on Barre, and implementing Brzozowski’s […]

I seem to be in a state of semantic confusion. I went back and reviewed the Theory of Regular Operations, which is section 1.10 of Sipser’s Theory of Computation, and I seem to have come upon a bit of semantic confusion that I need to decide how to resolve, and more importantly, when to resolve. […]


Rust Macros, and how they’re used in Barre.

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For the past two weeks I’ve been working on an implemented of regular expressions, only writing an alternative implementation to the classic Thompson engine, the simplest one, and often the fastest if you don’t need advanced features like, oh, Unicode range matching or backtracking. Instead of the Kleene/Thompson engine, I’ve been using Brzozowski’s Algorithm, which […]


Notes on using the Rust image library

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I have finally figured out how to use the images library for Rust, and it’s not obvious, especially not for internally generated images. The library does a very good job of hiding complicated implementation details when you load a file off the disk, automatically figuring out the file format and providing some baseline utilities. Zbigniew […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about where the death’s head symbol, ☠, appears in the Python semantic analysis. The Python language, underneath all the churn and symbols, is only about 40 semantics in size (see: Python, The Full Monty), and most of those are fairly well-defined. The problem lies in this simple example: def f(y): […]

As I’ve been reading Rust code and learning how to write it, I’ve become frustrated with one detail that’s been driving me a little crazy from time to time. How do other developers know when some side-issue management is necessary? In my specific case, it’s about Drop. In two different contexts, I’ve now seen highly […]

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