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A bit of analysis while working on Barre.

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I’ve been worrying a lot about the next stage of my project and realizing that I had seriously screwed up somewhere along the way. The next task on my list is to convert the recognizer into a parser. I’m going to refer to a couple of different things here. A quick bibliography: Herp, Rerp, and […]


Making Things and Going Slowly

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For the record, version 1.0 is supposed to support POSIX-style regular expressions with character classes, ranges, and limited backtracking, providing a drop-in API compatible with the Rust regex library without the PCRE context-sensitive expressions such as ‘(x?)’ and ”. I maintain that there’s something wrong with a regular expression library that can’t use itself to […]

Theoretical computer science is fascinating. There are all sorts of papers out there about advanced topics which haven’t quite reached mainstream acceptance or awareness, and once in a while you find a fascinating topic and start chasing down the rabbit hole of implementations and papers trying to wrap your head around the ideas presented. I’ve […]

For the past two weeks, I’ve been working my way through Matt Might’s paper Yacc is Dead, which describes and implementing it in Rust. The result is BARRE: Brzozowski Antimirov Rusty Regular Expressions. So far as I’ve been able to determine, I’m the first person to try implementing it in a systems language, one without […]


Progress Report, Week 10.

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I set out this week to do the following: Implement colorized versions of the Mandlebrot and Buddhabrot ** I managed to get a very primitive colorized Mandelbrot out. Read three chapters of The Seasoned Schemer Done! Finish chapter 3 of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs¬†¬†Not done at all. Write some documentation for the […]


Mostly studying this week.

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Happy Thursday! Thursday is the day where I look back upon the week and consider what I’ve learned. Last week I completed the main Buddhabrot algorithm and got it to work. Studying: The Little Schemer This week was primarily studying, so there’s not a lot of code to consider. Instead, I worked my way through […]

This week, I finished off the basic Programming Rust exercises by extending the Mandelbrot example in the book to produce Buddhabrots instead. In my last post, I mentioned that I’d gotten the Buddhabrot working, but only in a very basic way. I was unhappy with the result; my point-to-pixel mapper was giving me weirdly squashed […]


The Mandelbrot and the Buddhabrot

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Last week, I started knuckling down and praticing Rust for seriousness. I’ve been kinda skating along the top, not learning it in any real way; I’d been doing that for a while at my last job, where they insisted I use Go instead. I’m not fond of Go; I think it’s an amazingly powerful idiomatic […]

I’ve decided, for the sake of insanity, to work my way through the O’Reilly Programming Rust book, since I feel like my Rust has become, shall we say, rusty. And I’m doing it with my usual sense of attitude, that "There has to be a better way!" First, I took this mess from the very […]

So, today I did I thing I’ve never done before. I quit. In all my career as a software developer, I’ve never quit from a position like this. In college I quit a few jobs that weren’t software development, such as the warehouse job, the data entry position, and the pizza delivery service. I’ve quit […]

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