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I’ve decided, for the sake of insanity, to work my way through the O’Reilly Programming Rust book, since I feel like my Rust has become, shall we say, rusty. And I’m doing it with my usual sense of attitude, that "There has to be a better way!" First, I took this mess from the very […]

So, today I did I thing I’ve never done before. I quit. In all my career as a software developer, I’ve never quit from a position like this. In college I quit a few jobs that weren’t software development, such as the warehouse job, the data entry position, and the pizza delivery service. I’ve quit […]


Simple At The Bottom

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There’s a quote by Rich Hickey, the creator of the Clojure Programming Language, floating around the Internet that goes like this: Simplicity is hard work. But, there’s a huge payoff. The person who has a genuinely simpler system – a system made out of genuinely simple parts, is going to be able to effect the […]

The first two parts of my swagger tutorial [Part 1, Part 2] were dedicated to the straightforward art of getting swagger up and running. While I hope they’re helpful, the whole point of those was to get you to the point where you had the Timezone project, so I could show you how to add […]

Review of Part One In Part One of Go-Swagger, we generated a on OpenAPI 2.0 server with REST endpoints. The server builds and responds to queries, but every valid query ends with “This feature has not yet been implemented.” It’s time to implement the feature. I want to emphasize that with Go Swagger there is […]

Introduction ${WORK} has me writing microservices in Go, using OpenAPI 2.0 / Swagger. While I’m not a fan of Go (that’s a bit of an understatement) I get why Go is popular with enterprise managers, it does exactly what it says it does. It’s syntactically hideous. I’m perfectly happy taking a paycheck to write in […]


Engineering Notebook: More Rust Basics

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Continuing on with my engineering notebook, here’s what I’ve been learning about Rust recently. Mostly still following Beingessner’s book, which is about memory management primitives in Rust. The first thing, as I covered last time is that the book teaches Rust’s peculiar (but excellent) flavor of memory management. Along the way, it teaches Rust’s sum […]


Programmer Competency Matrix

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So I’ve been looking at Sijin Joseph’s “Programmer competency matrix,” and I’m going to go through it because I kinda want to know where I stand. But I have to tell Sijin once thing: information architecture is something he needs to improve on. By using the first person in his “about me” page, he somehow […]


Engineering Notebook: More Learning Rust

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mem::replace() In the Learning Rust With Too Many Linked Lists, there’s a bit of code that looks like this to build a new element and append it to the head of the list: let new_node = Box::new(Node { elem: elem, next: mem::replace(&mut self.head, Link::Empty), }); self.head = Link::More(new_node); The problem here is that if we […]

On Monday, work announced that we would be adopting Google Go as a third official internal language. Most software houses have two official languages: a highly demanding systems language with strong performance and memory guarantees, and an easy-to-write scripting languages with mediocre performance and few memory guarantees, so a third language was a bit unusual. […]

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