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After working on a take-home quiz I have four numbers with regard to the "twitter clone" project given to me by ${MEGACORP}. 2,572 2,572 different Javascript libraries ended up inside the build tree for the demonstration application. That number does not include the global instance of the Prisma toolkit that I ended up installing on […]

So how did I do on the coding challenge? I have no idea. But here’s what I went through: The README promised that there was a working, minimal implementation in the ZIP file. There was not. So the first thing I did was go through the How To GraphQL tutorial, which kinda gets you to […]


An “Ah-hah!” moment

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There are moments when the lightbulb goes off in your head with the power of a thousand white-hot suns.  For me, it happened while I was reading the WordPress Database Schema back to back with Henri Bergius’s highly influentials (well, it was a Hell of an influence on me, at any rate) Decoupling Content Management. Take a close […]

I’ll hang my head in shame later. So, I wrote this for my wife, it’s a hack on the “recent_posts” function from default-widgets.php, which comes with WordPress. It’s magic is that it scans each post for an IMG tag and, if it finds one, inserts that as the background of the list object. A little […]

In my previous post, I described a simple routine for using grunt, mocha, and zombie to unit test HTML and Javascript web applications, even those written with abstractions like Coffeescript, Less, or HAML, with a certain degree of verisimilitude. The key elements were (a) use grunt to build the various components, then (b) use grunt […]

I love LessCSS, because it allows me to write CSS as code, with consistent thinking throughout. Today, I’m going to show you how to have button-shaped anchors with consistent gradients throughout your page, using the color scheme you’ve initially chosen. LessCSS allows you to have parameterized mixins, small blocks of CSS that you can easily […]


Test From Home Under Load

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I learned an important lesson today: never put on hold a book from the library that’s already listed on the shelves. Just go get it. If it’s on hold, they’ll take it off the shelves and put it “into the system,” which means you won’t actually be able to get it for 24 hours. I […]

Hot on the heels of my last entry, the next utility is needed to extend the event object to automatically produce a URL compatible with Google Calendar’s “create an event” handler. Now, I could extend the Event application myself and add a get_google_url() method to the model, but let’s try to do this The Django […]

I love being able to combine one of my favorite design techniques with my latest infatuation.  It makes my hair tingle. “Gamification,” as any buzzword-compliant high-priced consultant will tell you, is the process of adding game mechanics to a website in the desperate hope that trivial reward mechanisms– badges, stickers, and made-up titles straight out […]

I searched for “django gearman” on Google and Bing, and found precious little.  There isn’t much out there, so I’ve decided to put together my own example, using Gearman as a queue manager. If you don’t know what Gearman is, it’s a “generic application framework to farm out work to other machines or processes that […]

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