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The Journal Entries

The Journal Entries are science-fiction erotica at its best. These stories are about sex and love, and are considered by some to be the finest erotica available on the Internet.


Swords, sorcery, and sex-- not necessarily in that order.

Other Tales

This used to go to the "other stories" link, but I've revised it to go to the current Pendorwright home page since I've written more novels since 1997. Includes the parodies, some roleplaying references, and other stuff.

The alt.sex FAQ

The alt.sex FAQ is the oldest and most comprehensive guide to sexuality found on the Internet. It is the collective wisdom of the 300,000 contributors to alt.sex who have made their feelings known over the 'net for nearly a decade. It is not a work of erotica, but a serious guide to human interaction.

The Canonical Hanky Codes

For some strange reason, I seem to have found myself keeper of the hanky codes. I hope someday to have color swatches of all the colors mentioned, but in the meantime, here's the list.

Your Rights And The Police

What with Senators Exon and the rest of that rat-trap we call a Congress attempting to control what we say and do, I for one have no intention of pulling my material off the Internet anytime soon. With that in mind, I offer the following sound advice, offered up from my notes at a local ACLU seminar...

About Elf Sternberg

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Webmaker Notes

This web took a lot of work. Here are some of the notes.

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