I'm a web developer and science fiction writer living in the Greater Seattle area with my wife Omaha, two daughters, and a cat. I was the first web development expert for Spry (the Internet In A Box people) back in 1994, eventually moving to CompuServe where I did in-house web design, development and management for a variety of CompuServe clients including Genie Industries, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, AC Nielsen, Pacific Power and Light, and Baywatch (yes, the TV show).

I am currently looking for work, and have posted my resume as an experienced developer with design skills.  My primary development languages are Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS, with some C, some Bourne, and a smattering of whatever else I happen to need at the moment. My principle development environment is Emacs running under Linux. I run Ubuntu at home, but am comfortable with Solaris, Red Hat, and Gentoo.