Hour #

Every day the average worker, whether at home or an office, spends nine hours doing... something. Every one of those hours is precious, and not to be wasted.

When this page is left in a tab, every hour from 8am through 5pm a chime will ring. When it does, pause for a moment and do the following:


For many years, I had relied on the chime feature of a wonderful little Palm program called PocketDoan, by Joseph H. Stadolnik III, to guide me through the day. When my Palm finally gasped its last breath, I settled on this project as a way of getting back some of the functionality I'd lost.

Originally, I had not intended to publish this, but I figured if I found it useful, others might as well. PocketDoan was primarily a meditation timer, and hourly chimes are a common practice in some Zen teachings. At first, I thought I was doing something new, but I learned recently from my wife that the Washington Mindfulness Community, a Buddhist teaching center, has the Mindfulness Bell, although it's entirely in Adobe Flash.

This was a fun exercise in Photoshop, HTML5, jQuery, and CSS, all rolled into a little utility that I actually use on a regular basis.

Thanks for stopping by. Be excellent.