Elf M. Sternberg

Full Stack Web Developer

Where one teaches, two learn.


I have the battle scars

25 Years of Experience


Front-end Team Lead at Credible Insurance

Designed and implemented the Credible Insurance JS SDK, including the BFD (Bureaucratic Form Document) language that describes complex financial applications.

Designed and implemented the Credible Insurance React UI, providing a rich and helpful interactive experience while also retaining a level of white-label flexibility allowing third partiesto use the SDK and GUI as part of their own application processes.

Provided comprehensive documentation and architecture.

Taught junior devs how *not* to extend the product.


Project Lead & Senior Mentor at Big Fish Game

Rescued a failing project in Django, Python, Typescript, React, and related tools to complete a suite of in-house tools to automate the gathering of project lifecycle information.

Trained a team of junior developers in modern React, CSS & Material-UI development, as well as Clean Code, Clean Architecture, Test-Driven Development, Domain-driven design, Architectural Decision Capture, and project documentation for medium and large projects.

Collaborated with the lead engineers of other teams and wrote the first draft of our in-house Engineering Standards guidelines.

2013 – 2018

Senior Front-end Engineer at Splunk

Developed a framework for exporting Splunk visualizations into third-party services, using Django, Python, Backbone, and JavaScript.

Wrote an advanced windowing engine to allow users to unite and display Splunk searches and visualizations as a coherent and portable package. Received Patent #US9935864B2, using React and Typescript.

Wrote API layers to integrate Splunk's intake servers with NetApp and EMC appliances, using Python.

Wrote high-performance, customer-oriented UI/UX tools to enable intake of customer networking data, using Python, React, and Typescript.

Wrote Kubernetes sidecars in Go to provide security and financial use auditing of customer pipelines.


User Experience Developer at The CK12 Foundation

Developed a graph-mapping web application for helping students discover optimal educational paths, using JavaScript and HTML.

Upgraded the student experience using HTML5 to provide real-time interactivity.

Provided infrastructure expertise to speed up the browser-based experience, as well as A/B testing support.


Senior User Experience Developer at Spiral Genetics

Developed a single-page application for the management of genetic sequencing data and the use of sequence analysis pipelines using HTML, and CSS, and Backbone.

Integrated the application with a Django-based authentication, authorization, and accounting application via REST.

Integrated the Spiral high-performance sequence alignment system with a real-time notification app using CouchDB, Node.JS, and Socket.Io.

Developed a high-performance lookup system integrating the European Molecular Biology Library with our product, allowing customers fast and easy discovery of known or interesting gene sequences in submitted samples.


Head of Engineering at Indieflix

Developed and deployed a high-speed video conversion tool for processing DVDs into on-demand streams, using AWS, EC2, and S3.

Developed and deployed and end-to-end Web Application using Django, MySQL, and S3, to provide a subscription-based service

Extended the Django administrative interface to make it possible for internal personnel to update criticalinformation on the home page without technical assistance.

Integrated Facebook Connect, Oauth, and OpenGraph with the Indieflix website.

Integrated local social networking components and game mechanics, providing a richer user experience.


Senior UI Developer at Isilon Systems (now Dell Powerscale)

As sole developer of the Isilon Web User Interface from 2001-2006, I wrote the DHTML/JavaScript browser-based commandand control application as well as the Python-to-C interface for the Isilon appliance, and the Python/Django applicationserver. The Isilon IQ, with my UI, led to Isilon’s 2006 IPO with a value of over $100 million.

From 2006-2009, I developed rich web interfaces for related Isilon products including the SmartConnect DNSdistributor, SnapshotIQ software, and Isilon SmartQuotas, using Prototype/Scriptaculous and Ext-JS on a standard LAMP platform.


Webmaster at The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

With a grant from Time/Warner, I provided the first website for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, including automated, dynamic daily updates from relevant law enforcement officials.

The backend consisted of an image respository and a Berkeley DB database of currently missing children, all pulled from an FBI-provided dial-up service. The front-end was 100% HTML and CSS, with no Javascript, statically generated as updates were provided.