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User Experience Developer – 2013 – Present

Splunk, Inc.

For Splunk, I wrote the SimpleSplunkVisualization library, a toolkit that abstracted the complexities of Splunk’s data access and visualization library into a single, usable toolkit that enabled developers to build new graphs and charts quickly. Today, over twenty visualizations Splunk ships with its web framework use the SSV. I also developed a window manager that allows pre-built splunk visualizations to be arranged and saved on web-pages in an ad-hoc manner, allowing customers to create their own mixed-display Splunk pages.

  • Tools used: Javascript, jQuery, jQuery-UI, Ajax, Backbone MVC, Require.js, Bootstrap, Python, Django, Node.js.

User Experience Developer – 2012 – 2013

The CK12 Foundation

For the CK-12 foundation I developed illustrated discovery paths for students to track their learning, provided a more consistent experience for on-line library management, and provided A/B testing support for those.

  • Tools used: Javascript, jQuery, jQuery-UI, Ajax, Backbone MVC, Backbone-Relational, Require.js, Bootstrap, Python, Pylons, Node.js.

User Experience Developer – 2010 – 2012

Spiral Genetics, Inc

For Spiral Genetics, I developed a single-page application for the management of genetic sequencing data and the use of sequence analysis pipelines using HTML5, Javascript and CSS3. I integrated the application with a Django-based authentication, authorization, and accounting application via REST, and integrated the Spiral high-performance sequence alignment system with a real-time notification app using CouchDB, Node.JS, and Socket.Io, and developed a high-performance lookup system integrating the European Molecular Biology Library with our product, allowing customers fast and easy discovery of known or interesting gene sequences in submitted samples.

  • Tools used: Javascript, jQuery, jQuery-UI, jQuery-Mobile, Ajax, Backbone MVC, Backbone-relational, Require.JS, Coffeescript, Less, HAML, Socket.IO, Python, Node.js, C/C++, AWS, Django, MySQL, CouchDB, Nginx, Apache.

Senior Systems Developer – 2009-current

IndieFlix, Inc

  • Sole developer of the IndieFlix suite of film-oriented web sites, including the IndieFlix Store, IndieFlix Theater, Film Festival in a Box, and Festivals Online websites.  All products were developed with a mix of Python, Django, Javascript, jQuery, HTML and CSS.  The deployment environment is Apache and MySQL, with NginX and Varnish used as caching front-ends.  The streaming storage back-end is Amazon S3 and Cloudfront.
  • Developed and deployed a rapid video encoder using Amazon EC2 that accelerated their in-house encoding scheme from 12 films a day to 720 films a day.  Developed a collection of tools to automatically detect the feature film, distinct from trailers and add-ons, from a DVD image.
  • Integrated the IndieFlix website with the following APIs: Facebook, Twitter, Constant Contact, Amazon AWS, Authorize.Net, Google Calendar, WordPress, Feedburner, iCal.
  • Developed an automated back-end invoice management system to replace a manual system, reducing errors and improving warehouse productivity. Tied invoice clearance to our accounting package, further reducing manual labor.

Freelance Developer – 2009

  • Developed a tree-walking module in PHP linking WordPress post categories to a collection of specialized pages for the Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union’s marketing site, 7 Principles.
  • Wrote a web-based teaching tool, with Django, for a web security company that took assembly language in one panel and displayed the opcodes or compiler errors in another panel in real time.
  • Developed, designed, and deployed a brochure WordPress CMS on WAMP site for
    the Retired Public Employees of Washington.
  • Developed, designed and deployed the WordPress theme for

Senior UI Developer — 2001 – 2009

Isilon Systems, Inc

  • As sole developer of the Isilon Web User Interface from 2001-2006, I wrote the DHTML/Javascript browser-based command and control application as well as the Python-to-C interface for the Isilon appliance, and the Python/Django application server. The Isilon IQ, with my UI, led to Isilon’s 2006 IPO with a value of over $100 million.
  • From 2006-2009, I developed rich web interfaces for related Isilon products including the SmartConnect DNS distributor,  SnapshotIQ software, and Isilon SmartQuotas, using Prototype/Scriptaculous and Ext-JS on a standard LAMP platform.
  • Developed a test-driven development program for UI development with FireWATIR, WebUnit, and Cucumber.
  • Maintained the Apache webserver and Python language base components of the Isilon IQ Appliance.

Systems Software Developer — 1998 – 2000

F5 Networks

  • Merged previously separate C++ GUI and C console libraries for low-level appliance interface, effectively halving maintenance time and doubling resources.
  • Created Perl-based health-check code using off-the-shelf libraries to administer back-end services and automate quality of service systems.
  • Wrote and maintained Perl/Curses boot-up system for four generations of F5 appliances.

Systems Software Developer — 1994 – 1998

CompuServe Information Services Internet Consulting Division

  • Managed over sixty corporate and small-business websites simultaneously using an in-house, Perl-based monitoring system. I developed a collating web-management toolkit, compiling all relevant information about a web server farm into a single set of documents for ease-of-monitoring, reducing management time by 80%.
  • Implemented a secure pull-technology distribution server system for testing and updating corporate websites off-line in Python, generating $140,000 a year. Innovated the first commercial use of OraPerl, allowing customer Pacific Power to use an Oracle-based database directly on the web.
  • Launched the first multi-homed commercial web service in 1994 on Linux and SunOS 4.1.3.
  • Designed and implemented in Perl, C++ and Oracle a new customer registration toolkit for Internet appliances, generating 40,000 new accounts.

Webmaster — 1994 – 1996

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

  • Conceived, designed and implemented a complete end-to-end solution for translating NCMECs BBS-based missing-children image library into an on-line database with search engine, automatic banner generation, and administrative console, using Apache, MySQL, Perl, HTML, CSS, and Linux.


  • LAMP Deployment
  • Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP
  • Javascript/ECMA
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • Amazon AWS API
  • Facebook Connect API, Twitter API, Constant Contact API, Authorize.Net
  • Unix shell programming
  • Unix server administration
  • Information Architecture
  • Appliance UI design


  • SVN/Subversion
  • Bugzilla/Trac
  • Doxygen
  • Apache
  • Webware
  • Django
  • Rails
  • WordPress
  • MediaWiki
  • MySQL
  • EXT-JS
  • Prototype/Scriptaculous
  • jQuery
  • Gimp/NetPBM
  • Autoconf/Make
  • FireWATIR/Cucumber


  • Contributed to the Linux driver for the Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick without Force Feedback
  • Contributed to the Apache Webserver Project, providing documentation and time-to-Service modifications, Apache mod_log.c
  • Thinksaber, a toy that turns a Linux Thinkpad into a lightsaber
  • Custom WordPress themes for three political campaigns and one non-political fund-raiser
  • Rails-to-PHP interface connecting a Rails-based portal site to PHPBB.
  • XALT, a Django-based intranet tool for teaching x86 Assembly language.
  • Ellody, a Django-based publishing platform for fiction.


  • Available on request


  • My Github: Django extensions for MySQL full text search, simple Zip Code distance search, and other tools.
  • Stack Overflow

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