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Introduction When you roll around the web you see lots of web applications that show off some localized capability to get data from a back-end in a semi-real-time manner. The most famous is the “search suggestion” drop-down that comes off Google or Bing, and those are wonderful, but often the Javascript for the drop down […]

Most people encountering the Ajax components of Django for the first time usually encounter this pairing: from django.utils import simplejson … return HttpResponse(simplejson.dumps(some_python_obj)) For most applications, this is enough.  But I’m especially fond of iterators, generators, functors and closures, dense components that express one thought well: the structure of a tree, or the rows of […]

I work with EXT and Prototype at the office, and Dojo at home. I have a lot more time with EXT than either of the other two, so when I’m working on a personal project my first thought is “If this were EXT, I’d do it this way, but how do I do it in […]

For the past eight days or so, I’ve been having the absolute pleasure of working on a pure research project, re-implementing FireWatir in Python. The project is known internally as “Whiskey,” (FireWatir without the R) and at some 1805 lines is faster and more concise than firewatir’s 6522 lines. The real trick was to stop […]

A few months ago, I asked a group of web deveropers what the new operator does in Javascript. There wasn’t much of a response, but I did eventually figure it out. Sometimes you just have to wade through the specifications. Here’s the outcome of my research: [ECMA Version 3 (1999), section 11.2.2, page 56] The […]

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