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Arrghh… Ruby on Rails.

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Ruby is just an excuse for people who once loved spaghetti code, who wanted to be “the smartest guy in the room,” and who wanted to be indispensible, to get back at everyone who loved Python and thought that there was finally a decent way to write disciplined code. Everyone talks about how nice Ruby […]

For the past eight days or so, I’ve been having the absolute pleasure of working on a pure research project, re-implementing FireWatir in Python. The project is known internally as “Whiskey,” (FireWatir without the R) and at some 1805 lines is faster and more concise than firewatir’s 6522 lines. The real trick was to stop […]

I was working today on my storyengine / storykeeper / narrator codebase when I hit a snag. Storyengine converts text to XML and embeds in into a database. Storykeeper is a little rails program that I use to make sure all my keywords and so forth are set up correctly. And narrator is le grand […]

I know there are people out there who love the way Ruby does some things, but there’s one feature of Ruby that drives me nuts, mostly because it doesn’t do things The One True Way of Python. And that’s call by reference. In Python, everything is a reference. Let’s say you have some methods, and […]

I spent most of today working on my story website. It’s a pain in the neck to maintain, especially in updates, and it needs more smarts. A lot more smarts. I decided to see how much lifting it would take to get all of my stories, regardless of series or arc, into a database using […]

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