I spent a rainy Saturday afternoon going from having nothing to having a working implementation of the Quill editor. It doesn't do much, but it's a start, and it's a smart start. Before we get there, though, I thought I'd document the infrastructure I use for a project like this. It's plain old Javascript (well, Typescript) for the most part, and I have a big ol' gnarly toolchain.

I was reading through Quill's documentation and it looks like the writers of Quill took their inspiration from a post from Nick Santos at Medium Engineering about how the Medium editor works called Why ContentEditable is Terrible, and ran with it, and the results are quite impressive. Quill looks like the right editor for some of my projects. One thing I have to investigate is how well the typeahead lookup engine works, and what if anything interferes with it.

The final result of this project, including this post as the README, is available on my Github account at elfsternberg/quill-study.

Let's document the steps I took to get to the point where I could run it locally. I wanted my standard environment. Getting there was a chore.

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