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The Kinky User Story Pattern

A user story is a pattern of communication commonplace in software development teams. The idea of a user story is simple: nobody cares about your software and your job isn't to write code, it's to solve user's problems, and the pattern is often a way of articulating a user's problem and the proposed solution. The most common pattern, as explained the software management company Atlassian, is:

As a [user persona], I [want to be able to do this task], so that I can [achieve this goal].

I find this pattern a little passive-aggressive, since it never identifies who is going to be providing the solution.

The Programming Languages You Should Know, 2020 Edition

Everyone has their ideal list of "best languages" you should be learning in 2020. I'm going to give you three lists, instead. Here are the programming languages you need to get the job.