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From 50 seconds to less than 1: How we improved build speed at authentik

At authentik, we have six individual applications for supporting our operations. Users have their traditional "here are you accesses" list; Administrators have the AdminUI; our actual SSO handling is done with a special app named "Flow," plus we have extra apps for when you're not logged in, when you're waiting to get logged in, and when you just want to interact with the public API.

Our build tool of choice was Rollup. Rollup is faster than Webpack, but more limited. And still, with that, our modestly large (~50K lines) application repository took 50 seconds to build on a modern developer's laptop. 50 seconds is a terrible delay; it's just enough for your typical ADHD developer like myself to wander off and think about something else. Given that we're a scrappy start-up, it's also a terrible delay when demoing the product for potential customers and showing them how easy it is to make changes.

I decided it had to go faster. This is how we did it, getting our build time down from 50 seconds to less than one second.