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And Then It Ends: The Importance of Understanding Subroutines in Modern Web Development

One of the most important lessons I've ever learned about Javascript is that no Javascript application is, by itself, actually a single program. Every Javascript application of even modest size is several different programs standing together in a trench coat and trying very hard to look like a single thing.

Let's look at the single most simple web application, the classic "push a button to increment a counter" that is the centerpiece of every "introduction to React / Vue / Angular / Lit / Svelte / etc." blogpost you've ever read. This application is just a button and a number, and every time you click the button the number increments. And let's talk about how it's very different from classical programming.

Table Driven Web Development

I've occasionally made reference, in the course of my blogging about Web Component development (and this applies to React as well), to "table driven development," and I had an opportunity to explain it in more detail this week. Table Driven Development is nothing more than identifying what is the minimum amount of syntax you need to express the data you use in your web page?

Let's start with a real-life example. This is a tab-based control from the Patternfly library, taken from a real project: