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Apple's Parasitic Stance Toward Open Source

Apple's always had this passive-aggressive, parasitic relationship with open source. Darwin, the OS at the bottom of all modern Macs, is an offshoot of FreeBSD, and a lot of what Apple presents to you is derived from other open source projects. But Apple has always downplayed, neglected, ignored, or otherwise distracted most of its consumers from knowing anything about their use of open source. Let's discuss two recent examples.

Apple is a Creep

Psychologists know what makes someone a creep. A "creep" is a person who makes you feel uncomfortable or vaguely threatened, but who you are obliged to be near for professional or social reasons. You don't like being around him or her, but you can't leave the room because your professional or social situation require that you be there.

By this definition, Apple is a creep.