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Monorepos with Microsoft Lage: Learnings This Week

I recently chose Lage to help refactor a monolith web application into a monorepo. Here's what I learned.

In my day job, I'm responsible for a fairly large web application of about 52,600 lines of TypeScript. In reality, that one web application is four independent major single-page applications and two minor ones, all of which rest on a classic collection of component library, server interface, and localization. It's getting a bit unwieldy to work in, and any edit cycle now takes about 25 seconds to rebuild the whole thing while working on it.

That's just a little too long in the era of hot module reloading. Plus it's hard to know where the boundaries are, and the guy I inherited it from cut a few corners here and there, stealing useful code across the hierarchy rather than re-arranging the hierarchy. I managed to disentangle the first-level dependencies a few months ago, so that no SPA is dependent upon something within another, and now the time has come to break it up into multiple workspaces. After looking through the list of possible tools, I picked Lage.