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My process: Never use pidgin in to-dos.

Like most people, you probably write your to-dos in a shorthand way. I do, and most people do it as well. You know, this sort of thing, a one-day list I made for my latest project (which, ironically, includes a To-Do list manager). And along the way, I've discovered that I should never used shorthand or pidgin in my to-dos.

Homework assignment: What I Learned

I just finished one of those take-home programming assignments that companies are sending out these days in lieu of whiteboarding exercises, a process that I'm genuinely thankful for. Whiteboarding is just a way to stress someone out; it doesn't prove anything (except excessive cleverness, sometimes). We work with a fully immersive IDE (even if Emacs is still making itself difficult in that regard), we work with StackOverflow available, and we work surrounded by books, notes, and cheatsheets. We even work with our fellow workers on the other end of Slack and Zoom.

A lot of what I did was "re-learning," but it's always good to go over it again, just in case. Here's a lot of what I absorbed:

A New Look For A New Phase

You may have noticed a few changes in the place. I've gone to an all-static engine. I chose Zola, because although it wasn't sufficient for what I wanted out of my story site, it's perfectly fine here.

Still Got It

Yesterday, after a long day of my day job, in which I spend all of my time either hacking in Typescript and React or doing a lot of dev-ops, I decided that I was finally gonna sit down and write a little Rust. I picked a project off my stack: "Rewrite the Unix locate program in Rust." The last time I had tried this, my brain didn't work at all.

For the first day of my sabbatical, I went to a conference

Analysis Paralysis

I hate (commercial, retrograde, dilatory) puzzles, too.

Project Blockage

Linux, Flash 10, and saving Flash files

Blatantly looking for work...


Syllogisms for the web development world.

Probably my most annoying coding blind spot...