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Notesmachine: Two Central Operations

As I've been working on my own little Zettelkasten engine, I've realized that there are exactly two operations that matter more than any other. The client will handle many of the details of showing notes and note collections (called "boxes", since Zettelkasten literally means "note box"), but the server needs to do exactly two things exactly right every time:

  • ingest a note
  • return a box when requested

Project retrospective: Storysite 2022

I have a number of "static" microsites, in the sense that they're just plain old HTML with a minimum of Javascript supporting their operations. The oldest one is the Journal Entries site, which has been a Markdown archive of my vast and adult space opera since 1995 or so... which is quite a long time! It's had a number of generations since then; the first version had a simple perl-to-html converter, the output of which I would hand-edit, along with the index page. Recently, I got it into my head to revise them, and the change has amazing.