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Serializing SqlAlchemy to Json

During a recent "take-home exam" for a job interview, I was confronted with the common challenge of extracting information via SQLAlchemy, a popular ORM layer for Python, and converting it to JSON. The most popular answer on Stack Overflow involves writing some code to do a conversion that ought to be present natively in the SQLAlchemy library but apparently not.

After looking through the various answers, I was dissatisfied with all of them, so I fired up a Python REPL and started digging into SQLAlchemy itself from the outside. I dislike this sort of "empirical" software development but I dislike a raft of code when there must be a simpler solution.

There was.

Using Git Secrets

In my Using PDM posts, I mentioned that I was rebuilding the backup tools for my blog. Using such tools requires that I keep a couple of my passwords, the ones I use for databases, in plain text, which is clearly not ideal, especially not if I want to use GIT to manage them. I decided to try using git secret to store my credentials. Here's how it works.

Using PDM: The Python Dependency Manager

Since it looks as if Twitter's days are numbered, I've been looking at what it would take to move most of my on-line presence into my personal blog space and off of the various sites where I make various comments and such. One thing I haven't been doing well is backing up this site right here; my last backup was over two years ago. That's... not good.

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